tag7 – Oben (CD)

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CD “Oben” – 12 tracks, length 56 min.

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When you realize that answers only bring new questions. When you try to make it right, but you fail because of your own incompetence. When you keep making the same mistake over and over again. When you can’t spare your own child from pain. When disease and death are closer than life itself.

Are you sometimes homesick for ABOVE? Where questions don’t burden you anymore. Where incompetence does not equal failure. Where you will have learned from your mistakes, at last. Where all pain, all suffering, and even death will have come to a final end.

Our new CD „ABOVE“ tries to catch some of those rays of hope: at times, we experience them as a foretaste in the here and now, but certainly one day soon ABOVE, for all eternity.

12 Tracks, length approx. 56 min


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