tag7 music ministry

Music is a medium for all kinds of messages. It also submits message that spoken words often can’t. Music speaks to the heart and to the mind even handedly and becomes an instrument for winning souls for Jesus Christ.

tag7 music ministry wants to develop and boost the composition and production of christian-adventist music by raising a music platform that enhances cross-project coordination of music, musicians, ressources and contacts.

tag7 music wants to

  • identify, initialize and develop christian-adventist music projects;
  • stimulate composition of christian music;
  • provide ressources for professional studio productions;
  • pursue networking in the most positive meaning;
  • realize music projects and studio productions in a sustainable and cost-effective way.

How does tag7 music ministry support?

  • We provide audio engineers for recording, mixing and mastering both studio productions and live concerts.
  • We also provide recording equipment in the form of hardware (microphones, consoles, outboard equipment) and software (DAW, high-end software instruments, pro-audio plugins, etc.).
  • For live concerts we provide PA equipment in high quality.
  • If needed, our partners who are into designing and layouting, support you by offering design services for CD covers, advertising material, etc.
  • You can also count on us when it comes to dealing with press plants, handling licences with AKM/Austro Mechana, GEMA, etc.).

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