tag7 Songbook

The new tag7 songbook contains all songs from “Heimweh”, and in addition to that the original compositions from “Dennoch” are also included. An extensive tag7 sheet music compendium on 96 pages, sort of.

Have fun when playing and singing along!

tag7 Songbook
for vocals, piano, guitar
Vocal melody, lyrics, original piano accompaniment and chord names
German / English lyrics
15 songs, 96 pages

Gott, deine Schöpfung
Ich gab meinen Sohn
Nur an sie
You Are Who You Are
Meine Stimme
Immer nah
So viel mehr
Mirror Of Your Love
Ich sehne mich nach der Liebe
Die Hochzeit des Herrn
Am Ende des Tages

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