„Dennoch“ (which means „nevertheless“) is honest. „Dennoch“ means that you cling to something.  It means that there are days in life when you want to embrace everybody. But it admits that life often isn’t easy at all, that there are joyful days, but also troubled times, even times of despair.

tag7’s CD “Dennoch” claims that even in the life of believers there are those moments of joy, but also of despair. Through their music they are telling about their personal experiences in faith. It is music that points the thoughts of the listener to himself at first, but finally to the creator of the entire universe. Music that gives an answer to the question why it is – nevertheless – worthwhile to cling to God.

  1. Dich, Herr, will ich suchen (04:52)
  2. Your Grace Still Amazes Me (05:03)
  3. Two Scarred Hands (05:09)
  4. Dennoch (05:40)
  5. Guter Hirte (04:28)
  6. What Would Jesus Do (05:16)
  7. Ich sehne mich nach der Liebe (04:16)
  8. Thankful (04:49)
  9. Die Hochzeit des Herrn (04:52)
  10. Alpha & Omega (05:14)
  11. Be At Rest (03:43)
  12. Am Ende des Tages (05:09)

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