“Heimweh” (homesick) – desiring, wallowing in nostalgia, expecting, longing for fulfillment.


„Heimweh“ is a compilation of songs which are an expression of the pursuit of a home in cold, restless time; the memory of what once was, and the expectation of what will be; humans living in between the past and the future, between creation and new creation, between paradise and new earth; the confidence that war and desaster are not the end and that one day we will reach our eternal home.


1. Gott, deine Schöpfung (06:34)
2. Ruheort (04:44)
3. Ich gab meinen Sohn (04:41)
4. Nur an sie (05:54)
5. You Are Who You Are (04:01)
6. Zeit (04:22)
7. Meine Stimme (03:42)
8. Immer nah (05:44)
9. So viel mehr (04:45)
10. Mirror of Your Love (04:18)
11. Naherwartung (03:51)
12. Heimweh (03:08)

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