Music & Discography

oben (2015)Oben_Titelbild

When you realize that answers only bring new questions. When you try to make it right, but you fail because of your own incompetence. When you keep making the same mistake over and over again. When you can’t spare your own child from pain. When disease and death are closer than life itself.

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tag7 Songbook (2015)IMG_2027

The new tag7 songbook contains all songs from “Heimweh”, and in addition to that the original compositions from “Dennoch” are also included. An extensive tag7 sheet music compendium on 96 pages, sort of.

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Heimweh (2013)Heimweh_front

“Heimweh” (homesick) – desiring, wallowing in nostalgia, expecting, longing for fulfillment.

A compilation of songs which are an expression of the pursuit of a home in cold, restless time

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Dennoch (2011)dennoch-booklet

„Dennoch“ (which means „nevertheless“) is honest. It means that you cling to something.  It means that there are days in life when you want to embrace everybody. But it also admits that life often isn’t easy at all, that there are joyful days, but also troubled times, even times of despair.

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